Like Team Fortress- but missing one dimension!


Sadly, Sourceforge only shows browsers six screenshots, when I had planned eight for the release demonstration. They are all taken on the same machine the development took place with the default custom theme. Note: All images below are thumbnails, click them to see the full image. Also note: These screenshots are from the 1.0 release. The default texture has changed and lots of things were added.

First screenshot. Everything is default here. Player just spawned as a scout and he's still in the spawn location.

Same as screenshot 1, except using the Nethack theme. It is made to simulate the ASCII world of Nethack-- which was one of the inspirations for the game.

A shot of Player and Ripper in a fight. The lines are the "firelines". This is the map entitled 'front'.

A rumble in the map 1-on-1. This is another author-original theme entitled 'neon-med'.

A screencap of the options panel. It shows the various things you can set. The "config file" button is used for key configurations. It also shows off the spectator mode.

This is a shot of Player with the flag and a the blue team ready for some defensive action.

This shows off the scoreboard.


The game and this website are both made by Mark Burger (currently seeking employment.) Feel free to contact either me or the jFlagCap forum if you have any questions or comments. If you prefer chat, I am on ICQ at 119420913.

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